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Milk bands are the latest solution for breastfeeding mothers who desire to keep an accurate nursing log of their baby's feed without hassles of nursing journals, safety pins or bracelets being switched from side to side etc.

Milk bands were exclusively designed to conveniently provide the feeding information of an infant to the nursing mother all on one wrist. Milk bands incorporate many unique features such as a side indicator, which lets the mother know which side of breast should be used when starting a breast feeding session by simply flipping the Milk band inside-out once during every nursing session, as well as a time tracking device which can be used or many different purposes including:

  • Record single feeding sessions to the nearest 5 min increment
  • Record multiple feeding session over a full day period
  • Record the number of times the baby fed in one day
  • Record the number of diapers a baby soiled during the day
  • Reminding the mother what time the baby last fed
  • Reminding the mother roughly what time the baby is due for next feeding
  • Helping the mother to wean her baby by tracking the number of nursing sessions and then eliminating them one at a time.

Milk bands will help ensure a successful breastfeeding relationship with you and your new baby!!

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Q: What is a Milk Band?
A: A Milk Band is a breastfeeding bracelet used to remind a nursing mother which breast she last started her feeding from as well as either what time the last feeding started or ended, when the next feeding may begin and/or how long your baby fed.
Q: Will Milk Bands™ wear out?
A: With proper use and care one Milk Band nursing bracelet should last for months.
Q: How many nursing bracelets will I need?
A: We have customers that buy all colors available to match different outfits but one Milk Band
may be just enough. Some mothers wear more than one Milk Band to track twins or other activities. We recommend one breastfeeding bracelet to be used per nursing child.
Q: Milk Bands™ look like they are made of rubber. Are they comfortable?
A: Our breastfeeding bracelets are made of soft, flexible and breathable silicone. You’re baby will not be bothered by this piece of jewelry under his or her neck.
Q: I'm allergic to latex, will I have an allergic reaction to Milk Bands™?
A: Unlike latex, silicone is a material that is not associated with any allergic reactions.
Q: What are Milk Bands™ made of?
A: Milk Bands™ are manufactured from silicone rubber compounds, the same materials used in baby bottle nipples.
Q: Can Milk Bands™ be sterilized?
A: Yes, Milk Bands™ can be sterilized by placing them in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. It may cause a slight color fade.
Q: Are Milk Bands™ safe?
A: Yes, Milk Bands™ nursing bracelets are made of pure silicone, a material that shows no allergic reactions. However, we recommend not to allow your child to play with the breastfeeding bracelet.
Q: Can I swim while wearing Milk Bands™?
A: Yes. Our breastfeeding bracelet can be worn during any activity wet or dry.
Q: Can the slider fall off of the Milk Band?
A: Under normal circumstances the sliders stay in place until moved by the wearer. If you need replacement sliders click here to purchase them. They are free, just pay a small shipping fee.
Q: Can I still use my Milk Bands™ bracelet even if I no longer breastfeed?
A: Of course you can! Wear your nursing bracelet to keep track of appointment times, how many glasses of water you drank, how many dirty diapers your baby has had during the day (use it to keep track of your parking stall!)…use your imagination!
Q: Can I use Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet even if I bottle feed?
A: Of course! Whether your baby is breastfed or bottle fed, Milk Bands™ can help you observe and record your baby’s feeding routine.
Q: Can Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet help prevent breast lopsidedness?
A: With continued and proper use, Milk Bands™ should prevent post nursing lopsidedness. There is no better product on the market to help a nursing mother consistently alternate which breast is offered first at each feeding.

Milk Bands™ breastfeeding bracelets remind you which side you last fed from by flipping it inside out - not swapping it from wrist to wrist!
If you’re right-handed, wear the Milk Band on your left wrist and vise versa.
Place the nursing bracelet on your wrist so the side you last began feeding from is facing outward (RIGHT or LEFT).
When you’re ready to feed again, look at your breastfeeding bracelet to remember which breast you last started feeding from and flip the bracelet inside-out as needed.
Remember to always leave the nursing bracelet displaying the side you last started feeding from until you feed again. It’s that easy!
If you are feeding your baby in the dark, the word RIGHT is raised from the band and the word LEFT is lowered into the band so that you can feel the outside of the nursing bracelet and know which side you last fed from without turning on a light!
Start by placing one slider on the 0 hours position and another slider on the 0 minutes position. Track a single feeding by rounding your timed session to the nearest 5 minute increment.
Move the minute slider from the 0 minutes position correspondingly.
When you flip the breastfeeding bracelet inside out you can still see how long the prior feeding lasted!
Track multiple feedings by adding new rounded minutes to the prior feeding minutes and then moving the minute slider accordingly.
Once you reach 60 or more minutes, move the hour slider from the 0 hours position to the 1 hour position and start adding minutes again!
Tracking the time your baby last fed is simple.
Just check the clock at the start of a nursing session and move the hour slider to the correct hour position and the minute slider to the nearest 5 minute position.
Leave the sliders in place as a reminder of what time you last fed until you feed your baby again.
Our Nursing bracelet can help you wean your baby from nursing!
Using the breast feeding bracelet, track the number of times your baby feeds per day with the hour slider and eliminate one nursing session every two or three days to allow your milk supply to slowly decrease!
One Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet should last for months.
Excessive stretching of the breastfeeding bracelet may cause damage.
Please handle with care.
To clean your nursing bracelet wash with mild soap and warm water.
Rinse and then dry.
You can even occasionally sterilize your bracelet by placing it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Some users may experience mild irritation when initially using Milk Bands™.
This should disappear with continued use.
As with all small objects, keep out of reach of young children.

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