Sunday, March 15, 2009

L'ovedbaby Nursing Shawls

  1. Why a L'ovedbaby™ Nursing Shawl?

  1. The L'ovedbaby™ nursing shawl offers mom a way to discreetly nurse in public, while protecting the baby from distractions.
  2. The shawl travels well and always stays fresh in its matching drawstring pouch.
  3. The complete 6oz. package fits neatly in any purse or diaper bag.
  4. One size fits all means hassle-free shopping and easy gift-giving.
  5. Machine washable and dryer safe...nothing could be simpler.
  6. Extremely lightweight, breathable, and super-soft to the touch and on baby's skin.
  7. Roomy neckline for added style and increased visibility between mother and child.
  8. Full coverage of mom...both front and back; no special nursing clothing required.
  9. L'ovedbaby's™ custom-made fabric complements any outfit...from casual to business to elegant.
  10. And, because it's not cotton, it's less likely to harbor bacteria.

1 pc - $40

2 pcs & above - $38 each

Normal Postage: $1 ea

Self Collect: My place near Admiralty MRT

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